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About Euphoria

Driven by her want for a change in attitude toward plus size designer clothing Euphoria Design was founded in 1999 by Monique Angus, and has been at the front line of plus size fashion in New Zealand for 20+ years.

Devoted to creating fashion-forward clothing, Euphoria strives to provide a size inclusive platform where today’s modern woman can express herself without restraint through her wardrobe. Boasting a 10 – 24 size range, each collection is meticulously curated and designed as a testament to the fact that style can be attained at any size. Constantly challenging traditional attitudes Euphoria not only celebrates, but welcomes diversity and authenticity.

From idea to garment, each unique Euphoria creation comes from our very own backyard. We believe in the importance of supporting New Zealand manufacturing and local businesses, establishing lifelong relationships with those around us and creating a more tightly knit community within our company.

Euphoria masters a feminine aesthetic that is grounded by the dark and complex nature of our designs. Renowned for our exclusive screen prints – hand drawn with attention to detail and care in our very own headquarters - luxury fabrics, and the undeniably ‘Euphoria’ fit, we deliver clothing that we are proud to stand behind.