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body shape guide



The most athletic build of the body types, the Strawberry sports a more top heavy figure with broader shoulders and fuller bust that then tapers to a slim waist, hips, and legs.

Features: Broad shoulders, fuller bust, slender hips, thin legs.

Key Looks:

Low cut V Necks

Patterned/colorful Trousers

Bright/bold Skirts



The Hourglass is the curviest of all the shapes – Fuller in the bust and through the hips with a small, well defined waist.

Features: Shoulder and hip proportion are very similar, small waist, curvy silhouette.

Key Looks:

Wrap Dresses

Waist belts

Flared/wide leg trousers

Figure fitting shapes



The Pear is wider at the hips and thigh, with narrow shoulders, smaller bust and slim waist.

Features: Slender upper body, petite waist, wider hips and thighs.

Key Looks:

Bright/bold coloured tops

Large lapels or interesting collars

Figure fitting pants and skirts



The Apple is blessed with slender arms and legs, but has less definition through the waist than the other shapes.

Features: Fuller bust and pronounced mid-section, slender arms and legs.

Key Looks:

Empire cut and high waist designs

Low cut V Necks

Shorter length styles



The Boyish body shape is fairly straight up and down with shoulders and hips being of similar proportion, smaller bust, and a less defined waist - sporting a more androgynous look.

Features: Straighter silhouette, shoulder, waist and hips similarly proportioned, small bust.

Key Looks:
Straight cut tops and dresses

Figure fitting shapes

High waist designs

Shorter length styles